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Weather4U Has An Mp3 Player & A WebBrowser & A Internet Radio Player & More


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KeyedInSoftware Makes Weather4U Which has a mp3 player & an internet radio player & more.

KeyedInSoftware Makes Weather4U An "Multipurpose Application" which is more than just a Weather Reporting Application, It Has A Mp3 Player, A WebBrowser, A Internet Radio Player and More with Weather Reporting Features Included.

If you are looking for our Register Your Software Page, it is here.

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Here are the Instructions on how to Register Your Copy Of KeyedInSoftware's Software:

Please Email us at:

Do Not Send Any Promotions, Sales Pitches, Etc. to the

email address above...Instead please send it to


Notice: In Weather4U Version 3.0(That is coming out) Not in the Current  Version!(!

There will no longer be a need to activate Weather4U inside of 

Weather4U because with the new installer we are releasing with 

Weather4U Version 3.0 You have to activate using your license key in 

the installer(setup) before you can even install Weather4U, this is to 

curb piracy and to cut down on the amount of piracy that has been 

happening...So instead of using the part of the instructions below where 

you activate your copy of KeyedInSoftware's Software inside of that 

copy of KeyedInSoftware's Software(otherwise the instructions below 

are the same for Weather4U version 3.0 except the part about 

activating KeyedInSoftware's Software inside that copy of that 

software.) you will now need to activate your copy of Key KeyedInSoftware's 

Software inside the setup before you can even install a copy of 

KeyedInSoftware's Software...Like I said before above, this is not to 

cause any inconvenience it is just to cut down on piracy that has been 

happening with KeyedInSoftware's Software...We are sorry for any 

inconvenience this causes anyone. 


Weather4U will always be free....Just you must get a free license key or license file(License File is not required right now...You should get a license key and not a

license file due to this hasn't been implemented in Weather4U Yet!)


for A License Key, and please include your name

or You Could use our  Free GetFreeLicenseKeyPhpScript Which to use the GetFreeLicenseKeyPhpScript, all you have to do is put in your name(so we can generate your free License Key) and your email address(so we can email you back your license key) and then enter the Captcha Code into the textbox like it is shown in the image, above the text box then click submit(how to get a license key and register your copy of our software is listed below:)

1. What you have to do to register your software is email us your name(so we can generate you your license key) We will not use your name for anything else but to generate your free license key or use it to help us lookup your license key in our licensing server, so we can increase your Activations for your license key.

2. Then Get your license key or installkey that we email back, and open up our software, and then insert(or copy and paste) the license key or installkey into the textbox  where it says "Enter your Installation Key" and then click ok, and then let the license key or installkey be validated over the internet and then if all is successful, it should say, "Validation Successfull, Please keep your installkey in a safe place for future reference" and then you are done.

Please Note that we are not monitoring the email address for getting license keys 24-7 so please note that it may be that afternoon or night or the next day before your license key comes.

Sorry About The Requirement That you must pass the captcha to send your email to KeyedInSoftware so you can Get A Free License Key. But Since we have been getting spam from the Old GetFreeLicenseKeyPhpScript, We Had to Require People to Pass the Captcha To Send Email from the GetFreeLicenseKeyPhpScript, Sorry About That. But we had to do it.

To Increase Your Violation Limits For Your InstallKey or License Key Click Here


Important Info below


Please Note that we use installkey as our licensing system, and the way installkey works is like similar to the licensing and product activation scheme used by Microsoft to activate their products like were you must validate a license key against both the local hardware in your pc and a licensing server to install and use our software. so that means that you have a "violation limit" which is how many times you can activate our software on computers you own(which if you have already activated your software on your computer, then that means you can continue to activate your software as many times as you want on that computer and it will not fail to activate on that one computer as long as you do not change your hardware, inside your computer.) and we give you 2 times to activate your software on 2 computers, which are unique, which means that they are two different computers. but you can ask for more by contacting us by the email above or by using our IncreaseActuvationsForYourInstallKeyPhpScript. be sure to include in your email how many "violation limits" you would like. and include in the subject: "Violation Limit Increase for a free license key." and include in your body the free license key you got, which you want to increase the violation limit on.(so we can tell your license keys from other's apart.) and please also include in the body area, how many more computers you want to activate your software on, so you would want to activate your software on five computers, you would just include in your body, "I would like to activate my software on 5 computers" which if you haven't used any of your activations, you would be able to activate your software on five computers. If you need more activations or violation limit for your installkey please just use our IncreaseActivationsForYourInstallKeyPhpScript or our email address listed above. Also Please do not use fake names to get more license keys, if you want to get more activations for your installkey or license key all you have to do is email us and we will increase your violation limit for your installkey or license key, just please don't try to use fake names to get more than one license key, because if you are going to install our software on many computers, just email us through the IncreaseActivationsForYourInstallKeyPhpScript or through the email address above, because we would rather you not try to get more license keys by using fake names but instead just email us through our IncreaseActivationsForYourInstallKeyPhpScript or the email address above but include in the subject: "Violation Limit Increase Request" without the qutation marks so we know you want more activations for your InstallKey or License Key and be sure to include your name you used to first get the license key so we can look it up in our database.
please note these license keys or installkeys are free. 

Please Note: You will not get the license key instantly because we do not monitor the email used to get your license key 24/7 so like we said please do not expect to get your license key instantly

Please Note: You will not get the license key at 12:00 am or 1:00 am EST or any of those early morning hours because you will not get a response during these early morning hours. We are not going to answer you at these early morning hours so please wait until 10:00 am EST before we answer you.