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Q: How Do I get A Violation Limit Increase For Your InstallKey or License Key


A: Please Click Here To Get A License Key or InstallKey


Q: How to fix cannot find "C:\Weather4U_LicensingData\Surety.xml"


A: This means that the licensing folder for Weather4U's license file is missing.

To fix this error follow the steps below:


1. Go to my computer in XP or in Vista / Windows 7 and go into the C:\ drive

2. Then create a new folder on the C:\ drive and call it "Weather4U_LicensingData"

3. Then try to activate Weather4U again, and now the license file should be created, and stored in the Weather4ULicensingData folder you created.

Note: Installkey(our licensing system) will not be able to store the license file for Weather4U until you have the folder mentioned above, on your C:\ drive. And so Installkey will think that you are unlicensed and so you will run Weather4U in unlicensed mode.

Also I have seen this error that you get an invalid key error when this folder isn't on your C:\ drive.


Q: How to fix the USZIPS.txt File Missing Error(This Has Been Fixed In


A: You Have to download the uszips.txt file from http://keyedinsoftware.us/download1 and Then download it to the Common Documents Folder which will be located in the Weather4U Application, in the textbox which the label next to it says "Where your Common Documents at:"

And Copy and paste the whole path in the textbox, and click start then run and then paste the exact path you got from the Weather4U application in the textbox, and then click ok and it will pop up with a explorer window with the "common documents" and you then leave the explorer window open that has the "common documents" and then copy and paste the USZIPS.txt file from the place you downloaded it to the explorer window that has the "common documents" in it. and then you are done, and lauch up Weather4U and if you don't get any errors, you are done.

The Textbox that shows where your common documents is at is on the about tab.

***The Way of Finding your common documents folder for your version of windows listed below is no longer needed in current Weather4U Versions. You Can Find your common documents on the About tab in the textbox that shows you where your common documents is at.

* Note the textbox mentioned above(which allows you to get the path of the common documents folder) will come in a new version of Weather4U, until then use this to find the common documents folder for your version of windows.

Copy and Paste the Text below into your run dialog box which you can get to by going into start -> run or Windows Logo+R and copy and paste it excally like it is below:


Now for Windows 7:(copy and paste the text below in the run dialog and then it will show up the common documents for your folder.)




If You Need to Contact Us, Please Contact Us At:



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